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Rabu, 23 September 2009

Foto Bugil Rahma dan Sarah Azhari

After stumbles case problem with naked photographs and bath stands up with Rahma Azhari on a few days ago. Close resemblance case always draw near that Azhari's family. Spread personal photographs at Internet. Photograph Takes Bath To Nake Sarah Rahma's Artist constitutes To Take Photograph Nakes Artist the newest one that circulating glow at Internet. Hot photograph that features Rahma Azhari and Sarah Azhari it, have caused a sensation Indonesia entertainment biz. Azhari Sisters's hot photograph this feature Sarah's section Star and Rahma Azhari gets nude pose in style hut ahead bath bamboo.

Now, Beautiful engaged Azhari issue which really cause a sensation Indonesia citizen. By his own admission it, Beautiful Azhari is invited in American Presidential appointment event Obama.

Presidential Appointment Jakarta United States Of America was chosen By Barack Obama a little while again will be exhibitted. Between millions person who will present that appointment is Beautiful Azhari. Beautiful claim as been invited event filler.

News was invited by it that Mike Tramp's wife on Obama's appointment corrected by Beautiful law power, secarpiandy. Allegedly Beautiful gets a part to fill event, but secarpiandy doesn't know must what role Beautiful at hajatan Obama that.

“Really, she really invited for ngisi to hand down over there. But I not tofu ngisi hands down what, she only ngomong that (if is invited at Obama's appointment) aja,” I secarpiandy while contacted by detikhot via ponselnya, Saturday (3 / 1 / 2009).

Beautiful can engaged because know close to false an ACE singer that will also fill event at Obama's appointment. “Beautiful have friend over there. That singer ngisi's one hands down at Obama's appointment. In consequence Beautiful is invited,” clear secarpiandy.

Its plan is top Uncle country general election Sam that will at title at National Park Service, Washington DC, on 20th January 2009 approaching. Even beautiful was ready hastening departing on 17th January 2009 tomorrow.

Now Beautiful be at Jakarta, among its husband,” say secarpiandy.

Ayu Azhari Foto Bugil Seksi

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